When is Temporary Internet Necessary? 

Finding an ISP when you are assigned to a temporary project and need a short-term versatile internet connection can be difficult. If your business is not in the position to sign long-term network contracts, you may be worried how day-to-day operations and productivity can persist. Additionally, temporary events, business conventions, concerts, movie production, and construction sites frequently need reliable and scalable temporary internet connections quickly. 


Capizmo’s Temporary Internet Network

Capizmo’s temporary network is optimized for a variety of locations and events that are held outside of the office. Our temporary broadband can be modified to meet the unique needs of any project by delivering flexible contracts, fast installation, and powerful connectivity that is ready to perform when you need it. 

When you partner with us, you receive the following benefits from utilizing our temporary network: 

  • Quick Installation – our fast set-up process ensures you will be connected in a matter of hours, allowing your project to run smoothly from start to finish 
  • High Bandwidth – we deliver high-powered, reliable temporary broadband with guaranteed speeds to GigE for your short-term needs
  • More Reliability – our temporary solutions possess the capacity to take on large broadband projects and guarantees connectivity for a variety of applications 
  • Dedicated Broadband – our temporary internet connections are dedicated, so you can ensure that  you will have speedy service when you need it up to 1 Gbps
  • Flexibility – although most ISPs require fixed contracts, we offer flexible contracts for short-term projects
  • Customizable – no matter the size of your organization’s event, our temporary solutions can be adjusted to meet your digital demands