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Mobile Device Benefits


Field Service Automation

Increase effectiveness in the field, improve profitability and enhance productivity while improving your customers satisfaction! You can enable your field-based employees in various industries to work more productively. Through real-time access to work orders, part lists, and other essential back-office information from the latest wireless netbooks, handhelds, and PDAs, technicians can also more effectively meet the needs of customers. You can rely on our TeleNav Track solutions, Xora GPS offer options, WebTech Wireless Quadrant, Trimble GeoManager, and applications provided through AT&T Mobile Enterprise Applications Platform to put wireless to work for you in the field!

Mobile Fleet Solutions

Maximize your operational visibility! You can wirelessly track, monitor and enable your fleets, gaining control, insight and accountability. And improve performance and safety, while boosting productivity and increasing profits. AT&T business solutions can improve efficiency and effectiveness, and streamline processes across fleets, regardless of size or equipment types. For larger fleets and those with heavier equipment, solutions from Trimble GeoManager and WebTech Wireless Quadrant are available. For smaller and light duty fleets, we've added solutions like TeleNav Vehicle Tracker and Xora GPS TimeTrack In-Vehicle and each of these solutions can be tailored to your fleet needs... We have business solutions to maximize your fleets and processes!

Sales Force Automation

Empower your mobile sales personnel and enable real-time access! You can reach new levels of productivity and improve customer service, while detecting market trends more quickly – and acting! Your company's sales force is out on the road closing deals, but the information they need to be effective is back in the office. Make data work as hard as your sales teams!


Location Based Services

Create flexible and scalable solutions! Navigate efficiently with real-time GPS and increase productivity with mapping while improving performance and tracking assets. Whether you own and operate your own small business or work in a large enterprise company, AT&T can provide you with the right application and service support for your unique business needs. You can get around more easily and efficiently utilizing AT&T

Navigator or AT&T Navigator Global Edition and keep track of your assets in near real time with our TeleNav Track solutions, Xora GPS offer options, WebTech Wireless Quadrant and Trimble GeoManager.

Vertical Industry Solutions

Tailored solutions by industry! You can improve quality assurance, reduce operational costs, strengthen client relationships and increase sales and productivity. AT&T has the experience, expertise, and business processes that are critical to your success. Whether you need wireless access to existing enterprise applications, or a custom– or industry-specific software package, we can deliver the right solution – specialized for your unique needs!