Why are Organized Cables Important? 

In server and IT rooms, a large emphasis should be placed on organization and cleanliness when implementing the equipment and routing set up. Unorganized and unmanaged cables can cause issues to escalate out of control and everyday operations could be negatively affected as a result. 

Poorly-routed cables can lead to a wide range of problems over time, such as decreased airflow and overheating, improper hardware management, and reduced personnel safety. Cables can be plugged into improper devices or hardware mounted in the most sensible locations. This can lead to cables crossing in front of moving parts or spilling out into walkways, ultimately risking connection disruptions and injuries. 


Capizmo’s Structured Cabling Services

Capizmo Communications’ structured cable interconnection systems offer the highest quality of initial installation, expansion, backup and connection of all necessary devices, including computers, Wi-Fi access points, and other peripherals and hardware. 

Our structured cabling services and systems utilize the highest grade copper and fiber cables in the most robust IT rooms. This allows IT room operations to run more smoothly, while increasing business performance, traceability, and management. Our services help personnel spend more time delivering value to customers and less time worrying over the facility’s cabling needs.