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A view of the Queue Calls that will allow a supervisor identify if agents need to be added to a Queue based on realtime data.

  • Queue Names

  • Position in Queue 

  • Caller Information

  •  Actual Wait Time

Hosted Call Center


Agents receive incoming calls from a queue. To receive queued calls, they must first be set up as an agent, then assigned to one or more queues.

Pause and Un-Pause

Ability for a call center agent to pause calls from ringing their phone while they complete a task or take a break.


If available agents are busy or unavailable, calls can be routed to an intelligent call queue. You can prioritize calls by value, request urgency or customizable rules.

Reason Codes

If an Agent needs to stop receiving calls temporarily, but does not want to log out of the queue, the agent can pause their incoming queue calls and provide a Reason Code to indicate why.

Tally Codes

When an agent receives a queued call and needs to assign it to a specific category for billing or other purposes, he/she can provide a Tally Code to indicate the nature of the call.

Zero Out

Allows a caller to leave the queue by pressing “0” to choose other call routing options, such as voicemail.

Supervisor Queue Dashboard

Queue Performance

A realtime view of the Queues so you can identify the source of higher abandoned calls, troublesome call patterns and the efficiency of your agents.

  • Queue Names

  • Calls Offered 

  • Staffed agents

  • Paused Agents

  • Average Hold Time

  • Longest Hold Time

Queue Calls