What is Fixed Wireless Internet? 

Fixed wireless internet uses radio waves transmitted by a cell tower to bring you your internet connection. This is different from cable, DSL, and fiber, all of which use cables or wires in order to obtain a connection, as well as satellite internet. Fixed wireless internet uses an antenna located on the exterior of your home or business, and it picks up radio signals from the closest tower. Your provider is then able to give you access to the internet via a cable carrying the single from the antenna to the router. 

Capizmo’s Fixed Wireless Internet Network

Capizmo’s fixed wireless internet network delivers high-speed internet services designed to optimize rural households and businesses via an outdoor antenna. Our fixed internet connection establishes a dedicated wireless link, while providing a cost-effective, carrier-grade alternative to other high-speed connections.

When you utilize our fixed wireless internet network services, you will benefit from the following: 

  • In-House Contractorsutilizing our own in-house contractors for build-outs dramatically lowers the cost for customers
  • Quick Installation – fixed wireless internet is both easier and faster to set up because there are no cables involved 
  • Range of Bandwidth Speeds – bandwidth is flexible so speeds can fluctuate based on business needs; the number of users can fluctuate, as well 
  • Dedicated Service – unlike cellular internet services, data caps don’t come into play because fixed internet is a dedicated service
  • More Reliability – because there are no cables, there’s no chance of wires getting cut and disrupting connectivity
  • Low Latency – far more data is transferred and processed rapidly, ensuring optimum user experience
  • Security – fixed internet security has been improved over time to address encryption, data privacy and authentication