Why Does Effective Cabling Matter? 

Within data centers, effective cabling can mean the difference between a high-performing center and a facility that struggles with server downtime. However, good cabling strategies put in place by a professional is a cost-effective solution for data centers to improve performance and uptime reliability. 

A poorly-managed cable design and implementation process can cause problems for the future management of the data center, such as impeded air flow, difficulty with end-to-end identification, and removal of disconnected services, which add time and complexity to the repair process. These management issues may also result in corrective actions that are expensive in terms of cost and customer service. 


Capizmo’s Structured Cabling Services

Capizmo Communications’ structured cable interconnection systems offer the highest quality of initial installation, expansion, backup and connection of all necessary devices, including computers, Wi-Fi access points, and other peripherals and hardware. 

Our structured cabling services and systems utilize the highest grade copper and fiber cables in the most robust data centers. This allows data center operations to run more smoothly, allowing remote hands and migration personnel to spend more time delivering value to customers and less time worrying over the facility’s cabling needs.