What is 4G LTE Wireless?

4G LTE wireless is a high-performance, flexible and functional alternative to fixed wireless and fiber internet. 4G LTE wireless relies on real-time 4G cellular data connectivity. It is portable and includes a powerful signal that is capable of both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity, making it an ideal option for your office or business. Featuring an all-IP network, 4G LTE wireless internet was designed to improve user coverage (of up to 30 miles), offer complete privacy, security, and safety, and maintain uninterrupted connectivity. 


Capizmo’s 4G LTE Wireless Internet Network

Capizmo’s 4G LTE wireless internet network delivers a reliable, secure connection to small and medium-sized businesses. Our cost-effective platform ensures that when wired connections fail, are unavailable or non-existent, your service will remain live and day-to-day operations are unaffected. 

When you utilize our 4G LTE wireless network services, you will benefit from the following: 

  • In-House Contractors – utilizing our own in-house contractors for build-outs dramatically lowers the cost for customers
  • Quick Installation – 4G LTE wireless internet is both easier and faster to set up because there are no cables involved 
  • Higher Bandwidth – bandwidth is higher, which means faster data speeds, and provides true broadband speeds in comparison to 3G
  • Broad Compatibility – 4G LTE is compatible with Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections and supports all desktops, laptops and mobile devices
  • More Reliability – because there are no cables, there’s no chance of wires getting cut and disrupting connectivity
  • Low Latency – far more data is transferred and processed rapidly, ensuring optimum user experience
  • Multiple Uses – 4G LTE can be used as a primary, backup or temporary internet solution, ensuring business continuity